We bring a passion to providing a safe place for a part of the population whom we believe has been misunderstood in the culture at large. The popular cure for these women has been to tell them that their problem is about willpower and control and the perfect diet. They are looked on by the culture as lazy and out-of-control, nothing willpower won't correct. Women come to us feeling like failures, full of self-disgust. We help these women re-build a sense of dignity and compassion for who they are and what they have survived and why dieting could never have provided a real answer.

Entering The Struggle
The Struggle
Getting beneath the surface of our food addiction leads to a path of freedom.

We feel strongly about the two components that we have found necessary to recovery. First we offer a vital education component that helps women redefine the problem at hand. The following is a list of the factors we address: neuroscience of food addiction; physiology of obesity and Insulin Resistance Syndrome (IRS); role of nutrition and exercise as it affects IRS; psychology of hunger and emptiness and development of psyche in women; and the economics and politics of the food industry. Secondly we offer the necessary and often neglected component of in-depth group and/or individual psychotherapy focused on the roots of the food addiction. We hold the belief that the process of slowly waking up to 'real truth' about their lives is painful, sobering and liberating.

We provide a model of healing that asserts that being heard and held in community is powerful. We provide a place where people learn that emotions and suffering are a way of knowing, informing us not only about a private, traumatic past but also about a troubled, collective present. The women both give and get help to support one another, not only in their recovery, but also in their ability to expand their life, their dreams, their new vision of how to relate more authentically in their relationships. They begin to step out more into the real world and to live out their true self.

Our Program

  • Free informational interview
  • Affordable individual and group therapy
  • Individual and small group work that meets weekly
  • Assist in developing internal resources and
    external strategies

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"For over 30 years I have been obese - using food to console myself, to please others, to find pleasure in, to hide and escape, etc. After I broke through the 200 lb. barrier...

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