The following describes the format of our program and the commitment we invite people to make:

  • We provide a free informational interview and sliding scale for both individual and group therapy
  • We meet weekly for an hour and a half in our group work with 5 – 7 women per group
  • We help women develop their own personal 'medicine bag' of coping strategies as a resource to draw on in their home environments
  • We invite women to develop the habit of sitting with themselves daily, whether through reading, writing, meditating, if even for a few minutes to build the internal strength to stay awake and attentive
  • We give reading and writing assignments, and invite engagement
  • We believe the most important requirement is truly just a willingness of heart


And to begin to answer the million dollar question, "What does it take to recover from a food addiction?", we have identified what we call the Four Foundations. Essentially we have changed the goal from losing weight to recovering from a food addiction; a very different process that requires attention to four specific intentions:

  • Become conscious of my eating and a willingness to make choices around eating real food and getting some exercise
  • Begin to wake up to the voices of the food demon inside that lures you into your addiction and develop the internal muscle to push back and tell the truth
  • Develop the internal emotional muscle to bear the feelings of living everyday life without resorting to food for comfort
  • Begin to recover from the wounds from childhood/adulthood and bear the pain and emptiness an addiction allows us to avoid
Coming Through the Struggle
Change & New Life
Into Recovery and Towards New Life

Our Program

  • Free informational interview
  • Affordable individual and group therapy
  • Individual and small group work that meets weekly
  • Assist in developing internal resources and
    external strategies

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"For over 30 years I have been obese - using food to console myself, to please others, to find pleasure in, to hide and escape, etc. After I broke through the 200 lb. barrier...

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